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You can donate your unused Three Ireland credit to charity through LikeCharity

There are many causes out there that are struggling to finance their operations, and they are often reliant on outside donations in order to keep afloat. On top of that, I know many people who are on Three Ireland‘s €20 a month all-you-can-eat plan. One interesting feature of that plan is that those on it get to keep their credit, though with pretty much everything you can think of being unlimited, it’s hard to actually use that credit. It often ends up going to waste, as credit does eventually expire. Three Ireland credit can be used for the likes of the Google Play Store, but one thing that many don’t realise is that it can be used to donate to charity as well. LikeCharity allows you to text donations to over 100 different charities.

To donate, all you need to do is navigate to the LikeCharity page of charities, and you can choose the charity that you most want to donate to. It will then give you a keyword that you can text to 50030, where your money will be taken from your credit and given to the charity that you requested. You can donate three times per keyword in a 24 hour period, and you can only do it in the Republic of Ireland. There are lots of services that you can pay for through your Three credit, but any of the charities on LikeCharity is a worthy cause as well. Note that you don’t actually need to be on Three Ireland either.

For those who may be curious of LikeCharity’s work in Ireland, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the No Makeup Selfie viral campaigns were primarily donated to through LikeCharity in Ireland. €6,000,000 has been raised for Irish charities through LikeCharity, and we at IrishTech hope that you’ll find a worthy cause to donate your money to.

Find your charity on LikeCharity here

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