DCU Institute for Future Media and Journalism set to lead EU project to tackle “fake news” in modern media

A new EU project called “PROVENANCE”, has been proposed to track down and mark fake news online. The aim is to create a verification system for actual original news, to help the less informed to see the difference between a fake or misleading news article, and an original, factual one. It is a three-year project […]

Formula Student – What it is and how Irish universities are getting involved

STEM is becoming increasingly relevant in Ireland today, with the government providing massive funding for various STEM-related facilities in Irish universities. There are many opportunities available for university students to get involved in STEM-based activities – even those not enrolled in related courses. One such activity is Formula Student. Formula One’s World Championship is probably the […]

UCD Student’s Union may prevent the distribution of Student Leap Cards on campus over privacy concerns

UCD is one of the highest ranking universities in Ireland, with students all over the world attending it. Coming up to orientation week, generally speaking, students would be organising to get their Student Leap Card on campus, which allows them to avail of decreased fares on Dublin Bus, DART, and Luas. Previously, the only way […]

Raspberry Pi – An introduction to the low-cost computer that continues to exceed expectations

Everyone is interested in creating the most powerful custom-built supercomputer, but it’s time to look smaller. Size isn’t everything. There is a reasonably-priced computer on the market that can fit inside just about anyone’s pockets. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity founded in Britain focused on teaching children programming and Computer Science, and they created […]

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