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We’ve created a Discord server so that you can chat with other readers and get announcements of all the latest posts on our website! We aim to provide you with the best content possible, and the best way to find out about what we post will be right on our Discord. Our writers are active […]

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If you’re enjoying our content as of late, I’m sure you can understand that running entirely off of advertisements isn’t hugely possible. Our writers aren’t paid, and all money made is currently being reinvested in server hosting, the cost of the website itself and new opportunities for all of us. We’d love to start paying […]

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Hey there! I’m Adam Conway, a 19-year-old journalist currently studying Computer Science at University College Dublin. I created Irish Tech as I felt that technology reporting in Ireland is often lacklustre or missing out on key detail. What’s more, there are very few publications which actually focus on the ramifications of certain news on Irish […]

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