Apple accused of stealing Qualcomm modem secrets and passing them to Intel

The Accusation American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company Qualcomm has accused Apple of stealing chip secrets and giving them to Intel. The two organisations have been in a constant legal battle since early 2017. This latest development could hit Apple hard and heavy. The legal battle started when Apple accused Qualcomm of abusing the […]

The best way to buy Xiaomi phones in Ireland

This post is sponsored by The Solution Shop, an online retailer where you can purchase Xiaomi and Honor devices within the EU without import taxes. Sponsored posts will always be marked as such. Xiaomi phones are some of the cheapest around, but they’re not the easiest to get in Ireland. Generally speaking, consumers have to […]

Formula Student – What it is and how Irish universities are getting involved

STEM is becoming increasingly relevant in Ireland today, with the government providing massive funding for various STEM-related facilities in Irish universities. There are many opportunities available for university students to get involved in STEM-based activities – even those not enrolled in related courses. One such activity is Formula Student. Formula One’s World Championship is probably the […]

Support IrishTech on Patreon

If you’re enjoying our content as of late, I’m sure you can understand that running entirely off of advertisements isn’t hugely possible. Our writers aren’t paid, and all money made is currently being reinvested in server hosting, the cost of the website itself and new opportunities for all of us. We’d love to start paying […]

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