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If you’re enjoying our content as of late, I’m sure you can understand that running entirely off of advertisements isn’t hugely possible. Our writers aren’t paid, and all money made is currently being reinvested in server hosting, the cost of the website itself and new opportunities for all of us. We’d love to start paying our writers, and we’d love to start dedicating more time to articles and writing as a whole. That’s why we’ve started up the IrishTech¬†Patreon, where you can support us financially.

We aren’t asking for much, and in fact, as little as $1 (yeah, US Dollars, there wasn’t a setting for Euro) a month is enough to get your name on the site and a link to your social media of choice. It’s not much, but it’s all we can offer at this point in time. Maybe down the line, we’ll offer more benefits, but that’s about where we stand right now. We’d hugely appreciate¬†any donation amount to our Patreon, as we all want to continue pumping out quality journalism. You can find our Patreon link down below, and we appreciate you supporting the site.

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An Irish technology fanatic with a BSc in Computer Science. Lover of smartphones, cybersecurity, and Counter-Strike. You can contact me at adam.conway@irishtech.ie.
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