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Irish Collegiate Esports Winter Challenge announced – What you need to know

The Irish Collegiate Esports organisation has announced the second season of its inter-university tournament that plays host to a number of games online. Last year’s event proved a success, with both the League of Legends and the Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments drawing in a number of the most popular universities from across Ireland.

This year’s League of Legends tournament details haven’t been finalised yet, but players can sign up for the Irish Collegiate Esports Winter challenge in CS:GO now – you just need to find other players from your university to play with! There’s a €5 buy-in, and first place prize is €200. Second place takes home €100.

If you can’t find anybody to play with in your university, then you can join another university’s team. The only caveat is that any team must have at least 4 players from the same university. You can also become a representative for your college instead if you want, starting your own team and putting yourself in charge of finding players. If you’re looking to play, and are unsure of who to go to, you can find the representative for your game of choice in this list.

This season of ICE is entirely online, with no offline final, unlike last season. If you’re interested, you can sign up at the link below. It’s a great event to take part in, and no matter how good you are you should be able to have fun playing in it.

That being said, ICE will also be hosting a Championship, expected to start in February. The Championship will have an offline final, possibly at an unrelated big Irish tournament, similar to last year.

If you want to get involved with the tournament but don’t feel like playing, ICE has a careers section on their website where you can apply for roles such as tournament admin and shoutcaster.


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