Google Pixel 7a

Google Pixel 7a launches in Ireland, starting at €509

Google’s long-awaited Google Pixel 7a is finally here, having been unveiled at this year’s Google I/O. While the company hasn’t shared any availability information just yet, we expect that this device will be shipping very soon. As for pricing, it starts at €509 from the official Google store.

The Google Pixel 7a packs the company’s very own Tensor G2 chipset, which powers a lot of the AI goodies that Google is known for. On top of that, you get a high refresh-rate 90Hz AMOLED display, a 64MP primary camera, a 13MP ultra-wide camera, wireless charging, and even face unlock. In other words, the Google Pixel 7a is a smartphone that’s very similar to the slightly more expensive Google Pixel 7.

The Google Pixel 7a is placed in a really weird in-between segment when compared to the Pixel 6a and the Pixel 7. On the one hand, it very likely has a better camera than the Pixel 6a, and it definitely has a better chipset. On the other, the Pixel 7 is definitely not much better than the 7a. If a consumer is being faced with purchasing either of these devices, it’s hard to justify the Pixel 7 unless it’s on sale.

Nevertheless, the Pixel 7a is definitely going to be a good device, and it’ll be worth picking up for sure if you’re looking for a new smartphone with a good camera. You can check out the Google Store to pre-order one of these if it catches your eye. We’ll be sure to come back with our thoughts if we manage to get our hands on one of these, too.


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