Google I/O 2023

Google I/O 2023 is just around the corner, and here’s how you can watch it live

Google I/O is set to be the biggest Google event in a long time. With rumors of a Google Pixel Fold and a Google Pixel 7a set to launch at the event, alongside the Google Pixel Tablet, it’s likely to be the biggest hardware event the company has had in a while. Other news typically takes place at the event too, including Android news, and news surrounding the company’s other outings in smart home, search, and more. If you’re wondering how you can watch Google I/O’s main keynote live, then you’ve come to the right place.


Google I/O 2023


You can register to watch the show on the Google I/O 2023 homepage, where you will be asked to create a developer account to register. This uses your Google account and takes moments. Google I/O will take place on May 10th, this coming Wednesday, at 6 PM Irish time. There will be developer news, but the most exciting news is all of the hardware that we expect to see at the event.


Google I/O is the company’s yearly event that it hosts in Mountain View, California, every year around the month of May. The company traditionally hasn’t used it as a hardware event, though in the last couple of years has begun using it to launch devices that aren’t its primary flagship series of devices. The Google Pixel 6a launched at it last year, and the Google Pixel 7 series was shown off, too. All leaks point to multiple devices being launched at this event, and we’re looking forward to whatever Google has to offer.


On top of that, Google I/O typically has a number of developer videos too that update you on all of the new things happening in Android, providing information for developers so that they know what to expect. Sometimes, new features are also revealed in these, so we’ll be sure to be checking those out, too.

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