Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be cheap in Ireland

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X price in Ireland revealed

The next generation of console gaming is on the horizon, and following a series of Xbox-related leaks, Microsoft has decided to announce the prices of both the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X in Ireland. There’s a lot of differences between the two, but the biggest difference is that the Xbox Series S does not have a disk drive, and nor does it support native 4K gaming. The price is obviously the most important factor, though. The Xbox Series S will cost €299 in Europe, while the Xbox Series X will cost €499. The prices shown below are in dollars, but European prices have also been revealed.

€299 is an incredibly low price to pay, and with EA Access announced to be rolled into Xbox Game Pass for no extra cost, the next generation of console gaming may be the most consumer-friendly yet. You’ll get access to 100s of games for just €3.99 a month from those in the Xbox Game Pass catalogue and the EA Access catalogue. If you’re a PC gamer reading this article, that applies to you too! EA Access is also being rolled into the PC version of Xbox Game Pass.

Both consoles are set to launch on November 10th, with pre-orders beginning on the 22nd of September. Have you decided which of these two consoles you’re going to buy? Let us know in the comments! As a PC gamer myself, even I’m tempted by them!

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