The Google Pixel 4 confirmed – Let the leaks begin

The Google Pixel 4

Google recently confirmed the release of the Pixel 4, the next iteration of their thriving Pixel series of mobile phones. Very little is known of the phone as of yet, but we know what it looks like thanks to Google. The “Made by Google” Twitter account surprised everyone on Wednesday when they just popped a photo of it online, ahead of all the leaks. What we saw was something exciting, not to mention a design that is full of potential.

What to Expect

The Google Pixel has been a consistent flagship model for high-end Android users. So what do we know about the next iteration? Google has shown us previews of how it looks (amazing), and they’ve given us a few clues as to what we might see on the software too. We know that we can expect to see the next iteration of Google Assistant. This is notably interesting seeing as Google has invested an awful lot of time and finance into AI since Google Assistant’s initial release, as the company demonstrated at Google I/O in May. The device is also expected to support 5G technology.

Fingerprint Scanner

There will be no rear fingerprint scanner on the Google Pixel 4, as can be seen from their Tweet. This marks it as the first Pixel to not have a rear fingerprint scanner. This leads us to the question – where have they opted to put it? One could hope for a scanner under the screen, as seen with Xiaomi and OnePlus models. Or they could have opted to stick it on the power button, similar to the Razer Phones and the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The Camera

The Google Pixel line has always been renowned for its exceptional camera quality, so this new camera design is more than intriguing. What tricks have Google got up their sleeves with the Pixel 4? We can already make out what appears to be some kind of sensor, as well as 2 cameras and the fact that it is bumped up from the back of the phone. The interesting thing about there being 2 rear cameras is that it’s something people have always questioned in the past. Since approximately 2016, most flagship phones have had 2 rear cameras (Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Notes, Huawei Mates), but the Pixel remained consistent at one. Nonetheless, the Pixel did more than hold its own with just the 1 rear camera, so the introduction of this second camera could mean serious business.

Google Pixel 4a?

With the Pixel 3 bringing with it a new concept for Google, the 3a model, hopefully, we’ll see something similar announced soon after the Pixel 4. The Pixel 3a has been a solid choice for mid to low-end Android users since its release in early May. It boasts “Premium. For less” flexing the fact that they managed to pack such high-end spec into such a cheap model.

When Can You Get One

The phone is expected to hit the market in or around October this year. This has not been officially confirmed, but the majority of speculation expects it to be released between October and November. It also adds up given Google’s track record for Pixel release dates. That being said, such an early announcement of the device could mean an earlier release date too. Or maybe they just wanted to get in ahead of the iPhone 11. We’re expecting that, just like with the Google Pixel 3, you’ll be able to pick this one up in Irish retailers and carriers.

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