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OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus has become somewhat of a cult favourite in Europe, with tech-heads and regular consumers alike enjoying the company’s lower-cost offerings. The launch of the OnePlus 7/ OnePlus 7 Pro saw the company make its first official appearance with an Irish carrier, becoming available for purchase in Three Ireland stores nationwide. Like clockwork, the company is expected to launch a successor “T” variant of both devices soon, with an expected global launch in October.

If these leaks are confirmed, then it would appear that the only real change (aesthetic wise) is the circular back camera that is expected to come with the OnePlus 7T. Everything else appears to be exactly the same, with the OnePlus 7T Pro only seeing some minor upgrades. A slightly bigger battery, slightly upgraded chipset, and a few other bits as well. The company has enjoyed huge success in India, which may serve to explain why they are focusing on an Indian launch a few weeks before the US and Europe. We expect to see both of these devices sold with Three Ireland like their predecessors, but you never know what might change closer to the time. We’ll be keeping a close eye for definite, though.

Post Author: Adam Conway

An Irish technology fanatic in his final year of a Computer Science degree. Lover of smartphones, cybersecurity and Counter Strike. You can contact me at adam.conway@irishtech.ie.