Samsung and Three open the "Connected" restaurant

Samsung to open pop-up restaurant in Dublin, connecting you to loved ones in Sydney

The Irish have a long history of emigration, going from as far as back as the famine to as recently as the crash in 2008. As a result, people in Ireland have friends and family living across the globe, most notably in Australia in recent years. Following the last economic crash we faced, many people left for Australia in search of a better life. While some may have since come back, many have also decided to stay. Given the time zone differences, it can be hard to keep in touch. Samsung – in partnership with Three – is launching a pop-up restaurant in Dublin (dubbed “Connected”) for four days coming up to the Christmas season. Here’s the catch: half of it is in Dublin, the other half is in Sydney.

If that sounds crazy, you might be right. Samsung is actually only trialling the restaurant, and availability is extremely limited. You need to sign up on Three’s website, and there’s absolutely no guarantee you’ll get in. As thanks for your commitment to trying it out, should you get in, the meal will be entirely free. There are only six sittings a day, running from the 29th of November to the 2nd of December, and only four people can sit on either side. The address in Dublin of the venue isĀ 41 Clarendon Street, Dublin 2. Three is also running an exclusive day for 3Plus customers. The first winners will be chosen on November 29th.

You can sign up for the competition any time between the 15th of November and the 28th. It’s an extremely interesting event to trial, and should it succeed it would be great to see it expanded to include other countries – and more often, as well. What’s even better is that the “Connected” restaurant takes into account the time of day in Australia, so a dinner in Ireland will turn into breakfast in Sydney. If you’re interested in signing up, you can check out the website for The Connected Restaurant below.

The Connected Restaurant

Three Ireland competition

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