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google search on 2021

Every year, Google has a live stream dedicated to new features being announced in its search engine. It’s the first place you’ll hear about a lot of cool new tricks that you’ll be able to do and will be rolling out globally, and it’s likely to be no different this year. The company’s launch event is scheduled for today, the 29th of September at 6 PM. Google’s tagline for this event is “every answer leads to a new question”.

If you want to check out the event, you can follow the live stream link below. We’ll be updating this article with some of the new features that get announced later on today!

Watch Search On 2021

Post Author: Adam Conway

An Irish technology fanatic in his final year of a Computer Science degree. Lover of smartphones, cybersecurity and Counter Strike. You can contact me at adam.conway@irishtech.ie.