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Escape From Tarkov Twitch Rivals May 2021: How to get FREE drops

Free drops for Escape From Tarkov are now live for the next 6 hours! Drops can be earned by watching the Twitch Rivals channel along with the Twitch channels of all tournament competitors.

Items earned from the Twitch Drops campaign will be available to claim for just 7 days so make sure to collect them along with your next set of in-game Bitcoins! Battlestate Games have not confirmed the quality of drops that will be available during the competition. The most recent set of drops ranged from Salewa First Aid Kits to Hexgrid Armours. Unlike previous drops events, this session of drops will not be distributed either randomly or by time spent watching. Instead, drops will be activated by in-game events as part of the competition’s bingo card format.

Drops will be rewarded for the following

  • Killing any Scav Boss.
  • Extracting from the raid with more than two tank batteries, a maximum of three will spawn per raid.
  • At least one player extracting from the raid after killing an entire opposing team.
  • Killing three enemy characters with a mounted machine gun or mounted grenade launcher.

How do you qualify for drops?

If you own Escape From Tarkov (EFT) you are able to receive drops from the event if your EFT account and Twitch accounts are connected. If you have not connected your account previously, you can do so in a few quick steps.

  1. Visit your Escape from Tarkov profile page
  2. Click on the button titled ‘Link Twitch Account’ seen in purple below once linked,

    How to link your Escape from Tarkov Account to Twitch
    Link your Escape from Tarkov Account to Twitch
  3. Watch the Twitch Rivals Escape from Tarkov Stream here.

If you linked your Twitch and Escape from Tarkov accounts for the recent Punisher III tournament in April, your account should still be linked now. You can check whether you are still able to collect drops by navigating to the Settings menu on the Twitch site and opening to the Connections tab. Scrolling beyond the ‘Recommended Connections’ list you should see ‘Escape From Tarkov’ listed among your ‘Other Connections’. If you wish to reconnect or change the account you have linked to your Twitch, you can do so by pressing the disconnect button and beginning the process above.

To find out which streamers can give you drops, check for streamers with the ‘Drops Enables’ tag in the title of their stream. Although viewing more than one stream at the same time did not increase your chance of getting drops in previous events, Twitch Rivals staff have recommended viewers to watch as many streamers as possible to maximise their chance of getting loot!

Full competition format

The players will be taking part in two distinct competition formats. First, the three-person teams will have to qualify for the play-off segment by ticking off squares of a bingo card. The challenges in the 16-square card must be completed by teams to qualify for the next stage of the tournament, the knockout round. The full list of bingo tasks are here:

Escape From Tarkov Rivals Bingo Card.
 Players must tick off a line or column of this bingo card to receive points.

There are 24 teams taking part in the event, in which there are two Irish participants, TweaK on team Kippenbro and walker on team ROBN. You can see the full list of players on the Escape From Takov website here.

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