Irish pricing for Iphone Xs

Apple unveils new iPhone models, along with Irish pricing and preorder info

Earlier on Wednesday, Apple unveiled three new additions to their iPhone X line. Apple also showed off a new Apple watch during the event. Here’s all you need to know about the phones, along with Irish pricing and information on how you can pre-order them here in Ireland.

Bigger is better

There are now three new iPhone X variants: the iPhone Xs, Xr, and Xs Max. The Xs Max is the biggest of the bunch: though its specs are identical to the Xs, it boasts a larger 6.5″ screen. Furthermore, you can now configure the Xs with a huge storage capacity of up to 512GB. Perhaps that pales in comparison to the other new features such as dual sim support and the A12 chip; but you’ll be charged a hefty premium for the increased storage nevertheless.

Harder, better, faster…

One of Apple’s main talking points is their new A12 Bionic system-on-chip, which packs a whopping six cores with a quad core integrated GPU to boot. Apple also make the slightly dubious claim that its processor is capable of more than eight times the amount of operations per second than A11 Bionic, which should facilitate new possibilities in the world of mobile AR and machine learning. Most interestingly, Apple’s new budget-friendly(er) option — the iPhone Xr — will retain the same A12 Bionic processor as its big brothers. The main differences in the Xr are the smaller battery, lack of 3D touch and a single camera.

Irish pricing

You can preorder the Xs from Apple in Ireland on the 14th of September. You get a bit of a raw deal when buying from directly from Apple in Ireland (though it’s a similar situation in the UK too). In the US, you can pick up the Xs starting at $999 (€859 as of today). However, in if you purchased from Apple in Ireland the same model starts at €1,179. At that price, it may be worth using a parcel forwarding service to avail of cheaper pricing (although as macworld notes, it may not be cheaper after American tax and VAT is added). If you’re buying in Ireland, the Xr starts at 879. The Irish pricing for the Xs Max is still unclear, however in the US it starts at $100 more than the baseline Xs.

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