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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Your guide to everything in Autumn

Autumn/Fall in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is arguably the best season. Maybe that’s just me being nostalgic, but there’s so much buzz around events, recipes, and even island aesthetic overhauls that I can’t help but feel excited!

Isabelle saying that she was interrupted by an errant maple leaf

Starting off with the best event in the whole game, second to Toy Day, I’m talking Hallowe’en! Hallowe’en as a seasonal event/lead-up to the event begins in-game from Oct 1 as you need to collect candy, grow your pumpkins, get face paint and costumes ready, etc. However, the actual event is, of course, Oct 31. IGN has a great guide for how to prepare so be sure to check that out as well!

Turkey Day is another later-year event that many fans look forward to as the quest to cook with Franklin the Turkey begins! Every year on the fourth Thursday of November, Franklin will be standing outside Resident Services with a cooker in front of him, ready to send you racing around for ingredients for four dishes. These recipes are Gratin, Clam Chowder, Pumpkin Pie, and Fish Meunière.

  • For Clam Chowder, you’ll be rewarded with a Turkey Day Rug.
  • For Pumpkin Pie, you’ll be rewarded with a Turkey Day Wall.
  • For Gratin, you’ll be rewarded with a Turkey Day Floor.
  • Lastly, for Fish Meunière, you’ll be rewarded with a Cornucopia.

Other items for the day’s festivities are:

  • Turkey Day Casserole
  • Turkey Day Chair
  • Turkey Day Decorations
  • Turkey Day Garden Stand
  • Turkey Day Hearth
  • Turkey Day Table
  • Turkey Day Table Setting
  • Turkey Day Wheat Decor.

For the Grape Harvest Festival, we have a lovely Grape-Harvest Basket available to us through Nook Shopping. It’s starting to feel a bit like Stardew Valley

More upcoming events and their available items:

Events Available items Dates
Chuseok Dango, moon cakes, moonrug, songpyeon September 12th to September 21st
Day of the Dead Marigold decoration October 25th to November 3rd
Lantern Festival Handheld lantern range November 1st to November 11th
Shichi-go-san Chitose Ame November 11th to November 20th

All items above can be purchased through Nook Shopping, except for items given to players by Jack on Hallowe’en.

Items and recipes

Speaking of items, here are some items and recipes we can expect to see through the autumn/fall months in Animal Crossing; New Horizons.

Item How to find
Acorns and pinecones These can be found from Sept 1- Dec 10 and can be found by foraging, but acorns can also be given to the player by Cornimer, given they’ve completed Harv’s Island Plaza. Both can be used in the Trees Bounty Recipes.
Mushrooms These can be found over and underground throughout the month of November in-game. They can be sold, eaten, or even used in Mushroom decor recipes and cooking!
Maple Leaves These can be found floating in the island breeze from Nov 16-25 and can be used in the Maple Leaf Recipes.

Waving in a pumpkin patch

Let us know what your favourite parts of autumn/fall are in real life and in-game! Mine personally is Hallowe’en but that’s just me! Happy autumn!

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