LG V40 Render 1.

The LG V40 could be LG’s best phone yet, but will it be available in Ireland?

LG has for years been at the forefront of technology in many different aspects. While their smartphone division has been nothing short of a shambles in recent years, dedication to the user experience has proved to be the right move. With the company opening up a software update center in Korea, presumably increasing their quality control and more, it’s never been a better time to pick up an LG phone. Of course, past fans of the company may have been burned before, but the LG V40 aims to right those wrongs. There is only one problem – will the LG V40 be available in Ireland?

LG V40 Renders Leak

The LG V40 has had a full 360-degree render leak, courtesy of Slashleaks and OnLeaks. We get to see all angles of the phone, and that’s what’s truly interesting – this particular smartphone features five cameras. Three on the back, two on the front.

And that’s not all, either. The company is expected to use the latest flagship Qualcomm processor, meaning that it will have similar performance to popular fan favourites from the likes of Samsung or Xiaomi. It even comes with a headphone jack, so you won’t have any iPhone-esque woes of being unable to charge your device while listening to music. The LG V40 with its five cameras is clearly aimed at photographers – but will it be able to pull it off? Camera hardware isn’t everything, as shown by the Google Pixel 2 last year which still puts up a fight to this day against current flagships. Let’s only hope the Google Pixel 3 can pull off similar.

The LG V40 in Ireland

Now, this is where things suddenly get difficult. LG hasn’t got the best history when it comes to Irish phone launches, with their V series proving difficult to import. While their G series has generally be found through carriers here, the V series hasn’t been available without importing them since the LG V10. Importing it shouldn’t be too difficult though, as it’s expected that when it launches, it should launch in the UK. That way, you won’t have to deal with any funky network bands from the US or whatever.

But when will it launch? We can’t really say. It’s expected that it will be released sooner rather than later if we’re starting to see these bigger leaks. Here’s hoping we see it possibly at the IFA 2018 in Berlin, however unlikely that may be.

Source: Slashleaks & OnLeaks

Via: XDA-Developers

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