All GoMo customers can now use Wi-Fi calling

If you have any dead zones for signal coverage in your home, workplace, or anywhere else you may be, then you’ll love Wi-Fi calling. The premise is simple — rather than a phone call being routed over your connection to a cell tower, it gets routed over your internet connection instead. GoMo previously had the […]

Irish Tech saves Irish households from potential scam

Today, the Irish Government launched a very important Covid-19 service through Gov.ie. The service is to allow people to register for a “Certificate of Recovery” within certain specifications. These certificates are going to be very important for people who have suffered and recovered from COVID-19 in the last 180 days. If you are one of […]

SISTEM returns on the 20th of February, 2021

SISTEM is a conference run by students, for students, and we attended the conference last year at University College Dublin. SISTEM 2021 will be taking place on February 20th, 2021! Speakers include Cassidy Williams, Dr. Rebecca Pope, Stephen Howell, Sarah Cunningham, and many more. Several students will be giving talks as well. What is SISTEM? […]

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