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Since Xiaomi’s official launch in partnership with Three back in October of last year, we haven’t heard from much from them in terms of new launches in Ireland. The initial launch consisted of a variety of smartphones, most notably the Mi Mix 2S, some accessories like the Mi Band 3, and some of the more outlandish stuff, like the Mi Scooter. Since then, however, it seems like not much has been going on. While in the immediate aftermath of the launch, things were looking bright for Xiaomi’s future in Ireland, since then, it’s gotten rather dull.

This is surprising, given that a source inside Three told us that they could barely keep Xiaomi products on the shelves. Indeed, I myself have seen a countless number of Mi Scooters whizzing around the streets of Dublin, and have noticed a few Xiaomi smartphones dotted about the place as well. With that popularity in mind, it strikes me as unusual that Xiaomi hasn’t made any noticeable efforts to continue to expand their range of products here in Ireland. The company has certainly been busy, we’ve seen the launch of devices like the flagship Mi 9, among others, but no hint of a release here as of yet.

Furthermore, Xiaomi’s share in the Irish mobile market has increased since the launch. According to StatCounter, Xiaomi’s share is now touching 2%; a surprisingly large amount for a company that’s only officially been here for 8 months. If Xiaomi wishes to continue this growth, I think they need to launch more products here. Whether that means separating from Three and launching independently (they could build one of their famed Mi Stores) or getting Three in on the deal is another matter. But those same StatCounter stats show that the growth has stagnated somewhat – only a 0.11% increase between April and May of this year, as opposed to the 0.24% increase we saw in the immediate aftermath of the launch – so clearly something needs to be done.

We’ve seen from the likes of the Mi 9 – which our own Adam Conway wrote an extensive review of here – that Xiaomi is continuing to push out killer hardware at insanely low prices, so there’s almost no doubt that the Irish market will have an appetite for their products. Now it just becomes a matter of Xiaomi delivering that hardware to the consumers.

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