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Last year's Pixelbook may resemble the Pixelbook 2018.

With the beginning of the new college year just around the corner, many students are going to be desperately hunting for a good laptop at an even better price. That may well be what Google is set to announce at an event in early October, according to known and trusted leaker Evleaks. Rumours have been circulating for quite a while now that we may see a Pixelbook 2018 launched this year, and while it’s not entirely certain what the specs are going to be, the most likely candidate is a specific board entitled “Atlas”, discovered on the Chromium Gerrit. The Chromium Gerrit is where modifications to Chrome OS (which runs on Chromebooks) are publicised, as the operating system is open source. As a result, we get a look at upcoming devices via codenames and comments made by Googlers.

From what other sites such as ChromeUnboxed and XDA-Developers have gathered, Atlas runs a 4K resolution display and a Kaby Lake processor – likely an i5 of some description. This is perfect for staring at your incomprehensible notes in high quality as you realise just how screwed you are for this exam. If you’re doing a more computer-intensive course such as engineering or computer science then Atlas’ 8GB of RAM should be more than enough for CAD and programming. What’s more, according to XDA-Developers, you’ll be able to run your Linux applications on newer Chromebooks (such as the Pixelbook) in the near future, which opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. That’s without even mentioning that most Chromebooks support Android applications right out of the box as well, with the Google Play Store becoming available once enabled.

Reports also indicate that Atlas is going to have a dedicated Google Assistant key, presumably built somewhere into the keyboard. This could make for some great integration with Google’s flagship line of smartphones, the Google Pixels. This could also be a great study aid, as there is an abundance of actions available for the Assistant that are designed to help people learn and retain information. Coupled with the alleged backlit keyboard that will be featured in Atlas, it will make for some great study sessions at 3 a.m. the night before an exam. The Pixelbook 2018 may even be a detachable Chromebook, though that’s unconfirmed currently. That means when you’re not busy cramming for an exam or doing homework, it will make a great media consumption device in any downtime you may have.

The Pixelbook 2018 is expected to be announced in October, but may not ship until the end of the year, so you will have to make do with a pen and paper in the meantime. Based on what we know so far, though, it seems like it’ll be well worth the wait. Previous iterations cost about $1000 on launch but multiple offers were available which cut the asking price down to around $600. As a result, if it has as steep of an asking price we suggest shopping around to get a better deal. We can probably expect a similar price point for this years version, so this could be the perfect bargain to get you through your time in college if you find a good deal.

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