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EU Code Week

This coming week in Europe is EU Code Week. As part of it, Apple is going to be offering free coding lessons every day in its retail stores across Europe.

There will be at least one lesson provided every day, with lessons open to all ages and levels of computer proficiency. In total, more than 2,000 lessons will take place as part of the event.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “Coding is a critical skill that gives people of all ages the chance to create and share their ideas with the world.”

“Apple has long believed coding is the language of the future, and we’ve created a range of tools to make it fun and accessible for everyone. We’re thrilled to offer thousands of sessions in Apple stores for EU Code Week, and can’t wait to share our love for coding with young people and educators across Europe.”

Apple’s stores are well-used to providing coding lessons; the company already gives regular coding lessons in conjunction with its Today at Apple programme.

Apple also has its own coding curriculum, which it claims is used by “hundreds” of institutions in Europe, many of which are schools. It’s titled “Everyone can Code”, and is designed as a way to introduce people to coding.

EU Code Week is a much wider event, that actually runs for more than two weeks, from October 6th to the 21st. It’s designed to promote coding and digital literacy.

Unfortunately, there are no Apple stores in Ireland currently, so we’ll miss the fun it seems, but there are plenty of other ways to get involved in EU Code Week.

If you’re looking to find events, or even organise one yourself, you can do so here.

Post Author: Jack Price

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